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  1. The morality of urban mobility : technology and philosophy of the city

    Epting, Shane Ray
    Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2021]

    "Shane Epting illustrates that the problem of "moral prioritization" rests at the heart of problems with city transportation systems. To overcome such challenges, he develops a multitiered assessment system that shows how to evaluate complicated affairs in urban mobility"--

  2. Philosophy Talk. Can Streets Discriminate?

    Briggs, R. A., 1982-
    KALW (Radio station : San Francisco, Calif.), August 9, 2020

    City streets play an important role in our everyday lives. We commute to work, walk our dogs, meet our friends, and stage protests on city streets. In theory, streets are open for anyone to physically access. But do streets, by their design, actually discriminate against certain people? If so, who has less access to city streets? Is the design of our cities a political matter? Can we even talk about cities as being just or unjust by design? Or are they simply inconvenient, or poorly designed, for some? Josh and Ray hit the streets with Shane Epting from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Co-Director of the Philosophy of the City research group.


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