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  1. Īrān dar farāyand-i inqilāb : Imām Khumaynī va chālish-i sunnat va mudirnītah

    Taqavīʹmuqaddam, Muṣṭafá, 1959 or 1960-
    Chāp-i avval چاپ اول - Tihrān : Muʼassasah-i Muṭālaʻāt-i Tārīkh-i Muʻāṣir-i Īrān, Pizhūhishkadah-i Tārīkh-i Muʻāṣir, 1399 [2020] تهران :‏ ‏موسسه مطالعات تاریخ معاصر ایران، پژوهشکده تاریخ معاصر،‏ ‏1399 [2020]

  2. Imam Khomeini's messages to the Hajj pilgrims

    Khomeini, Ruhollah
    New York : Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations, [1988?]

  3. Matn-i payām-i tārīkhī-i Imām-i ummat bih Musalmānān va mustaz̤ʻafān-i jahān.

    Khomeini, Ruhollah
    [Tehran] : [publisher no identified], [198-?]


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