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  1. Andris Teikmanis: Latvia's Ambassador to the U.S.

    Join us for an engaging talk and reception with Latvia's Ambassador to the U.S., Andris Teikmanis, who will discuss: Latvia – A Dynamic Hub in Northern Europe In his speech, Latvia’s Ambassador to the U.S., Andris Teikmanis, will discuss Latvia’s security concerns and its development and business opportunities. Latvia continues to be one of the most active centers in Northern Europe where business innovations are formed and information technologies are developed, shaping new possibilities for cooperation with European and North American partners. Latvia has achieved its foreign policy goals set in the early 1990s by becoming an ally of the U.S., by joining the Transatlantic community, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the European Union. Latvia does its part by contributing to the international operations and to the fight against terrorism. Latvia continues to strengthen its security and resilience and will increase defense spending to 2% of GDP in 2018. The talk will be followed by a reception. His Excellency Mr. Andris Teikmanis has been Latvia's Ambassador to the United States of America since September 2016. Since December 2013 he has been Non-resident Ambassador to the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand. Before arriving in the U.S., he served as Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He has also served as Secretary of State to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, Ambassador in Federal Republic of Germany, Russian Federation and Council of Europe. In 1990 he served as a chairman of Riga City Council for four years. Andris Teikmanis has a degree in law from the University of Latvia.The event is co-sponsored by The American Latvian Association.

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