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  1. Turning Around a Country: Pakistan and the Quest for A Transformed Economy

    How does one go about harnessing technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment to transform a country's economy?  The recently apppointed Chairman of the Pakistan Board of Investments and a Minister of State, Naeem Zamindar will lay out his vision for what this economic transformation looks like. With responsibility for the promotion, facilitation and driving of investment policy for Pakistan Zamindar is also, the convener of the Industrial Cooperation Joint Working Group under China Pakistan Economic Cooperation (BRI) initiative and a member of the Economic Coordination Committee for the Federal Government.

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  2. Bangladesh

    Bangladesh's present and pasts Late Friday, July 1, 2016 gunmen stormed an upscale cafe in Dhaka, Bangladesh killing 21 hostages and two police officers over the following ten hours. One student from UC Berkeley (Tarishi Jain) and two students from Emory University (Abinta Kabir and Faraaz Hossain) were among the dead. This attack followed on the heels of other attacks in Bangladesh targeting religious minorities and progressives. Apart from such atrocities becoming "news" around the world, Bangladesh is not on most people's radars.  For those of you who want to gain an understanding of Bangladesh, its history, and the struggle of its people the following is meant to serve, not as a comprehensive resource guide, but as a brief introduction.  Resources For a quick introduction see the C.I.A.'s Factbook. For a good history of Bangladesh, see Willem van Schendel's A History of Bangladesh. Also see, Ali Riaz's Bangladesh:A Political History Since Independence. In 1947 upon independence from the British, the nation states of India and Pakistan were formed.  Pakistan consisted of East Pakistan (what is now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan. In 1971 a war was fought between India and what was then East and West Pakistan. This war led to the formation of the nation of Bangladesh.  Moving beyond nationalist retellings of this war, Yasmin Saikia's book, Women, War, and the Making of Bangladesh, examines it from the perspective of survivors and perpetrators, making it a  compeling narrative of loss, belonging, and the possibility of redemption through recourse to a shared humanity. For an essay about the attack on July 1, 2016, see Faisal Devji's thought-provoking piece, "Refusing Islam in Dhaka."  

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  3. South Asia: 75 Years of Partition-Independence

    The summer of 2022 marks 75 years since the modern nation states of India and Pakistan were born. With hastily drawn boundaries the Indian subcontinent was partitioned into a Muslim-majority East and West Pakistan and a Hindu-majority India. The Partition of 1947 displaced more than 15 million people with over 2.5 million missing or presumed dead. This exhibit commemorates Indian and Pakistani independence from colonial rule and the bloody legacy of Partition and is open for public viewing during regular Green Library hours. On view from August 22 – December 16 2022

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  1. Pakistan

    United States. Central Intelligence Agency

    Relief shown by shading and spot heights. "Azad Kashmir, Gilgit, and Balistan are not considered by Pakistan to be provinces". Names and boundary r...

  2. Pakistan

    United States. Central Intelligence Agency

    "58521 11-68." Relief shown by shading and spot heights. "Names and boundary representation are not necessarily authoritive." "Spot elevations in f...

  3. Atlas of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

    Survey of Pakistan

    Most national maps of Pakistan include inset map for exclave Junagadh & Manavadar. Includes index map and indexes. Includes world and continent map...

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