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  1. Teaching

    Buffalo, N.Y. : Office of Teaching Effectiveness, [State University of New York at Buffalo], 1986-

  2. Teaching

    Stanford, Calif.

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  1. Teaching online

    Today everyone has advice on how best to teach online.  We have many e-resources to help.  Check out Technology in higher education teaching for links to some of them.

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  2. Teaching abroad

    Africa south of the Sahara: Selected Internet resources about education teaching abroad.

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  3. Face-to-face teaching

    17 U.S.C. Section 110 provides an exemption to copyright for instructors to perform or display copyrighted materials during face-to-face teaching activities.  For example, it is permissible to show a full-length motion picture in class as part of the classroom learning. Note, however, that this exemption does not permit copying or distributing a work -- only displaying or performing it during class time.  To qualify for the exemption, the performance or display must be made from a legally-obtained copy.  Also, the exemption only applies for courses in nonprofit educational institutions.  Also, as the title implies, this exemption applies only to in-person presentations.  Diferent restrictions will apply in cases of distance learning or virtual classrooms.  See Distance Learning for more information.   

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