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  1. Ray Heigemeir

    I oversee all aspects of public service for Music including reference, circulation, instruction, and facilities. I assist patrons in finding and using music research resources, provide tours, mount exhibits, and facilitate digitization requests. I serve as subject liaison to the Department of Special Collections, and am the primary blogger on music topics  for the Stanford Libraries blog. I serve as webmaster for the Music Library site, and assist in developing the Stanford Libraries' web presence through work with the Online Experience Group.

  2. Research alerts

    Receive automatic notifications about new research in any area you choose.

    1. Research support
    2. Research services
  3. Research help

    Information about research help for both for researchers at Hopkins and at the main Stanford campus.

    1. Libraries
    2. Marine Biology (Miller)


Digital showcases for research and teaching.
  1. Research from Stanford University

    Data and More from Stanford's Cutting Edge Researchers

  2. Medieval Collections at Stanford

    Resources for Research and Teaching

Geospatial content, including GIS datasets, digitized maps, and census data.
  1. Antarctic research stations, 1990.

    Central Intelligence Agency

    This is an azimuthal equal-area projection map of the Antarctic region, shown at a 1:17,250,000 scale. The map was created by the Central Intellige...

  2. Shanghai education and research

    LeadDog Consulting, LLC

    Shanghai education and research

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