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  1. Census of Governments, 1987 [electronic resource] Finance Statistics

    2006-01-18 - Ann Arbor, Mich. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor] 1991

    In this data collection finance data on revenues, expenditures, indebtedness and debt transactions, and cash and security holdings are provided for state and local governments. Revenue data are provided by source. Expenditures are shown by function such as education, highways, and public welfare, as well as by type, including intergovernmental, current operation, and capital outlay. Indebtedness data show outstanding debt by type of debt, and debt transactions. Asset data are shown by purpose and type of financial asset. Financial statistics of employee retirement systems and of utilities operations by state and local governments are included within the data record of the performing or parent government. Data are provided for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. File A provides data for governmental units, including the federal government and state, county, municipal, township, special district, and independent school district governments, as well as regional education service districts. File B includes data on counties. File C provides national and state area summations. File D contains educational finance data pertaining to all public elementary-secondary school systems and selected higher education institutions.

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  2. Census of Governments, 1987 [electronic resource] Employment Statistics

    2013-03-06 - Ann Arbor, Mich. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor] 1993

    This data collection contains the October 1987 employment and payroll figures for federal, state, and local governments in the United States. Data for full- and part-time employment and payrolls are provided for functions such as air transportation, education, corrections, police, fire protection, utilities, health, public welfare, parks, libraries, sanitation, highways, and transit. Additional data cover labor-management relations, employee organizations, employee benefits, and unemployment, health, and life insurance. This collection consists of three data files. "DS1: Individual Government Records" provides an individual record for each of the following governments in the United States: the federal government, 50 state governments, 3,042 county governments, 19,227 municipal governments, 16,685 township governments, 29,270 special district governments, and 14,710 independent school district governments. In addition, there are 635 records for regional Education Service Districts (ESDs) classified officially as dependent agencies of independent school districts. "DS2: County Area Records" contains summary data records for county geographic areas. The county area summaries supply aggregated data for all of the local governments within the geographic boundaries of each county or county-type area. "DS3: National and State Summary Records" provides national and state area summaries by level and type of government. For each state area, the following summary records are provided: state and local government total, state government total, local government total, county government total, municipal government total, special district government total, and school district government total. The national summaries include each of the record types provided for state areas plus a single record for the federal government.

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  3. Census of Governments, 1987 [electronic resource] Government Organization File

    1992-02-17 - Ann Arbor, Mich. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor] 1990

    This data collection provides information regarding the number, type, and selected characteristics of local governments. Government characteristics include 1986 estimated population, year of incorporation, form of government, number of elected officials, and types of public services provided. Additional data on public school districts were collected by the National Center for Education Statistics and include the number of schools, fall enrollment, and grade levels.

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