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  1. The changing image of women in rural Egypt

    Abaza, Mona
    [Cairo] : The American University in Cairo Press, c1987.

  2. Cairo collage : everyday life practices after the event

    Abaza, Mona
    Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2020

    Cairo is a city of collective exhaustion. From the 2011 revolution to Sisi's seizure of power in 2013, like millions of others, Mona Abaza was swallowed by a draining and exhausting daily life of a city caught up in the aftermath of revolt - a daily life that transformed countless people into all-embracing apolitical subjects. Cairo collages narrates four parallel tales about Cairo's urban transformations in the twenty-first century, examining everyday life and resilience after 2013. Weaving personal narrative with incisive theoretical discussions of the quotidian and the everyday, Abaza raises essential sociological questions regarding global orientations pertaining to emerging military urbanism. With reflections on the long hours of commuting to the gated communities in the desert east of Cairo and the daily material lives and social interactions of residents in decaying middle-class buildings, Abaza's collage of landscapes weaves together the transmutations underway in the various Cairene geographies. -- .

    Online Project MUSE

  3. Twentieth-century Egyptian Art : the private collection of Sherwet Shafei

    Abaza, Mona
    Cairo ; New York : Amer. Univ. in Cairo, c2011.

    Egypt's modern art scene has been marked by many influential local and foreign painters. Mona Abaza retraces the highlights of the country's twentieth-century art world through the private collection of one of Cairo's most reputable private gallery owners, Sherwet Shafei. The 200 color reproductions of paintings from Sherwet Shafei's collection represent works from very early pioneers such as Mahmoud Said and Ragheb Ayad to later figures such as Hamed Nada and Youssef Sida. In a comprehensive introduction that examines the life and career of Sherwet Shafei and her pivotal role in promoting and creating a market for modern Egyptian art, the author also addresses the tendencies of emerging art collectors in Egypt's "blossoming" market, the burdens of forgery, and the impact of globalization on the art industry. This book serves as a repository of Egyptian cultural heritage by offering a rare viewing of a valuable collection that has yet to be displayed in its entirety.


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