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  1. Lesen unter Hitler : Autoren, Bestseller, Leser im Dritten Reich

    Adam, Christian
    1. Aufl. - Berlin : Galiani, 2010.

  2. Taking the EU to court : annulment proceedings and multilevel judicial conflict

    Adam, Christian
    Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2020]

    This open access book provides an exhaustive picture of the role that annulment conflicts play in the EU multilevel system. Based on a rich dataset of annulment actions since the 1960s and a number of in-depth case studies, it explores the political dimension of annulment litigation, which has become an increasingly relevant judicial tool in the struggle over policy content and decision-making competences. The book covers the motivations of actors to turn policy conflicts into annulment actions, the emergence of multilevel actors' litigant configurations, the impact of actors' constellations on success in court, as well as the impact of annulment actions on the multilevel policy conflicts they originate from.

  3. Policy accumulation and the democratic responsiveness trap

    Adam, Christian
    Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2019.

    The responsiveness to societal demands is both the key virtue and the key problem of modern democracies. On the one hand, responsiveness is a central cornerstone of democratic legitimacy. On the other hand, responsiveness inevitably entails policy accumulation. While policy accumulation often positively reflects modernisation and human progress, it also undermines democratic government in three main ways. First, policy accumulation renders policy content increasingly complex, which crowds out policy substance from public debates and leads to an increasingly unhealthy discursive prioritisation of politics over policy. Secondly, policy accumulation comes with aggravating implementation deficits, as it produces administrative backlogs and incentivises selective implementation. Finally, policy accumulation undermines the pursuit of evidence-based public policy, because it threatens our ability to evaluate the increasingly complex interactions within growing policy mixes. The authors argue that the stability of democratic systems will crucially depend on their ability to make policy accumulation more sustainable.

    Online Cambridge Core


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  1. Charte von dem Europäischen Russland

    Gaspari, Adam Christian, 1752-1830, Götze, Ferd, and Geographisches Institut (Weimar, Thuringia, Germany)

    Illustrates the geo-political boundary changes following the Treaty of Fredrikshamm, a peace agreement concluded between Sweden and Russia on Septe...

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