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  1. Africa-US relations : strategic encounters

    Boulder : Lynne Rienner, 2006.

    Reflecting the debate between state-centered and human-security approaches to security strategy, "Africa-US Relations" explores the interactions between the US and African countries in a wide spectrum of key arenas. The authors range from such traditional security issues as peacekeeping and terrorism to concerns with HIV/AIDS, environmental degradation, aid policies, and international trade. Their contributions place in sharp relief the differences in inner logic and preferred consequences among alternative strategic perspectives - as well as the implications of those differences for policy choices.

  2. Africa-China relations : Ethiopia as a case study

    Melaku Mulualem K.
    Addis Ababa : [publisher not identified], 2023.

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  1. Africa, Africa! A continent rises to its feet

    Kartun, Derek

    A map set object.

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