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  1. The affinity of neoconcretism : interdisciplinary collaborations in Brazilian modernism, 1954-1964

    Alvarez, Mariola V.
    Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2023]

    "The 1950s and early 1960s in Brazil gave birth to a period of incredible optimism and economic development. In The Affinity of Neoconcretism, Mariola V. Alvarez argues that the neoconcretists--a group of artists and poets working together in Rio de Janeiro from 1959 to 1961--formed an important part of this national transformation. She maps the interactions of the neoconcretists and discusses how this network collaborated to challenge existing divides between high and low art and between fields such as fine art and dance. This book reveals the way in which art and intellectual work in Brazil emerged from and within a local political and social context, and out of the transnational movements of artists, artworks, published materials, and ideas"--

  2. New geographies of abstract art in postwar Latin America

    New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019.

    This edited volume examines the history of abstract art across Latin America after 1945. This form of art grew in popularity across the Americas in the postwar period, often serving to affirm a sense of being modern and the right of Latin America to assume the leading role Europe had played before World War II. Latin American artists practiced gestural and geometric abstraction, though the history of art has favored the latter. Recent scholarship, for instance, has focused on geometric abstraction from Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. The book aims to expand the map and consider this phenomenon as it developed in neglected regions such as Central America and the Andes, investigatinghow this style came to stand in for Latin American contemporary art.


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