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  1. Austria

    London, Michelin Tyre Co. Ltd.

  2. Austria

    Robertson, Ian, 1928-
    3rd ed. - London : A & C Black, 1992.

    Austria is described in more than 60 itineraries, with extensive coverage of Vienna. The guide includes maps, town plans and ground plans of museums and churches, and a series of articles on history, music, art and architecture, skiing and mountaineering.

  3. Austria

    Washington, D.C. : U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs

    Online Full text via HathiTrust

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  1. Germanic Studies

    Stanford Libraries' Germanic Studies collections cover the culture, society, and politics of Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland, as well as the Netherlands, the Flemish-speaking areas of Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.


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  1. Austria

    C.S. Hammond & Company

    Legend. Shows cities, railroads, waterways (including canals), Treaty of St. Germain boundary, boundary (around Klagenfurt) to be decided by plebis...

  2. Wien, 1844

    Renner, L.

    Inset map: Gegend um Wien. Ancillary views: Das neue Burgthor -- Reitschule und Hoftheater -- Der Theseus-Temple im Volksgarten -- Die Burg -- Step...

  3. Austria Elevations


    This data include elevations of Austria created by GfK MACON company, Germany.

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