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  1. No place for children : child recruitment, forced marriage, and attacks on schools in Somalia

    Bader, Laetitia
    New York, N.Y. : Human Rights Watch, c2012.

    This report details unlawful recruitment and other laws-of-war violations against children by all parties to the conflict in Somalia since 2010. The report is based on over 164 interviews with Somali children, including 21 who had escaped from al-Shabaab forces, as well as parents and teachers who had fled to Kenya.


  2. "The power these men have over us" : sexual exploitation and abuse by African Union forces in Somalia

    Bader, Laetitia
    [New York, N.Y.] : Human Rights Watch, c2014.

    "This 71-page report documents the sexual exploitation and abuse of Somali women and girls on two AMISOM bases in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, since 2013. The AU soldiers, relying on Somali intermediaries, have used a range of tactics, including humanitarian aid, to coerce vulnerable women and girls into sexual activity. They have also raped or otherwise sexually assaulted women who were seeking medical assistance or water at AMISOM bases. Human Rights Watch interviewed 21 women and girls who described being raped or sexually exploited by Ugandan or Burundian military personnel serving with the AU forces."--Publisher's website.

    Online HRW

  3. The courts of "absolute power" : fair trial violations by Somalia's military court

    Bader, Laetitia
    [New York, New York] : Human Rights Watch, 2014.

    Recommendations -- Methodology -- I. Background -- II. Right to a fair trial -- Acknowledgments.


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