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  1. Ballistics

    Ingalls, James M. (James Monroe), 1837-1927
    Washington [D.C.] : G.P.O., 1893.

  2. Ballistics

    Keegan, Alex
    Cambridge, U.K. : Salt, 2008.

    This collection of prize-winning stories represent major high-points from Alex Keegan's early years as a short-story writer. These stories will stay with you, make you return and look behind the words, for what is quietly waiting. A father knowing he has little time left, takes his children to Disney; a writer sits and drinks tea with a bastard relation; a family tries to recover from a daughter's mutilation; a proud Welshman faces death to watch three grandsons at the game; and, a terrorist and his victim are trapped underground, talking in the dark. A too-beautiful young man tries to understand his life; an ageing teacher meets his protege and aches for what was missed; a band of limbless soldiers run a marathon for charity; a hopelessly unlucky cuckold has one more try; a barwoman is romanced over ten years; and, all these stories and more, some uplifting, some painful, all delivered with often brilliant touches of language, will enchant and educate. A superb resource for teaching creative writing, this collection illustrates exactly what is required to win writing competitions in the UK and overseas.

  3. Ballistics

    Wilson, D. W. (Dave W.), 1985-
    Toronto : Penguin, 2014.


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