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  1. Eu sobrevivi ao holocausto : o comovente relato de uma das últimas amigas vivas de Anne Frank

    Konig, Nanette Blitz, 1929-
    São Paulo : Universo dos Livros, 2015.

  2. Belzen

    [Tel Aviv?] : Irgun sheʼerit ha-peleṭah meha-ezor ha-Briṭi, [1958] ‏[תל־אביב]: ‏ ‏ארגון שארית הפליטה מהאיזור הבריטי, ישראל‏ ‏1958־

  3. Belsen in history and memory

    Portland, OR : F. Cass, 1997.

    To the British in 1945 the images of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp said everything necessary to illustrate and prove the extent of Nazi barbarity, yet the grim newsreel footage and radio reports did not tell the whole story. Over the following decades these potent representations became encrusted with myths and meanings that distorted the actuality of Belsen. Fifty years after the liberation of the camp, scholars and eyewitnesses can finally explore the extraordinary history of the camp, the experiences of the inmates and the work of the liberators. This volume presents the most authoritative recent scholarship on Belsen by British, American, German, French and Israeli historians. Drawing on documentary and oral sources in Yiddish, Hebrew, German, Dutch and French, often for the first time, it challenges many stereotypes about the camp, and reinstates the groups hitherto marginalised or ignored in accounts of the camp and its liberation.


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