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  1. Birds

    Basel, Switzerland MDPI 2020-

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  2. Birds

    Evans, A. H. (Arthur Humble)
    London : Macmillan and Company, Limited, 1899

    Online Nineteenth Century Collections Online

  3. Birds

    Hørring, Richard, 1875-
    København, C. A. Reitzel, 1939.

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  1. Mount Bird: Antarctica

    Jean-Claude M. Thomas; Jerry L. Mullins

    Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic Projection - Standard Parallels -76º40' and -79º20'; Series: USGS Satellite Image Maps

  2. [ Bird's-eye view of Jerusalem]

    Hogenberg, Frans, approximately 1539-1590, Braun, Georg, 1540 or 1541-1622, and Laicksteen, Peter, active approximately 1556-1570

    [Franz Hogenberg]. Relief shown pictorially. Coordinates approximate and based on Greenwich meridian. Shows topography, drainage, settlements, plac...

  3. Important Bird Areas, WI 2014

    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

    This data set reflects updates by WDNR through 10/31/2014. This data layer is representing Important Bird Area Boundaries in Wisconsin, prepared by...

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