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  1. SS : Hitler's foreign divisions : foreign volunteers in the Waffen SS, 1940-1945

    Bishop, Chris
    Staplehurst, Kent : Spellmount, 2005.

    This illustrated book provides an in-depth examination of the 350,000 or so foreign volunteers who fought for Hitler and Germany in World War II and it explores the background to their recruitment and also describes on a unit-by-unit basis their structure and combat record.

  2. Order of battle : German panzers in WWII

    Bishop, Chris
    Chalford, Stroud, Gloucestershire [England] : Spellmount, 2008.

    The German armoured divisions in the Second World War were the iron fist of the Blitzkrieg. Broken down by key battle or campaigns within each theatre of war, this book shows the strengths and organizational structures of the Third Reich's armoured forces campaign by campaign, building into a detailed compendium of information.With extensive organizational diagrams and full-colour campaign maps showing the disposition of units, this is an easy guide to the German panzer forces, their strengths during key campaigns and battles, and details of where they served throughout the war.

  3. SS : hell on the Western Front : the Waffen-SS in Europe 1940-1945

    Bishop, Chris
    Staplehurst : Spellmount, 2003.

    An illustrated study of the Waffen-SS in the western theatre from 1940 to 1945 which covers the formation of the Waffen-SS, the atrocities against British prisoners and the battles in Normandy and in the Ardennes offensive. - This book features the actions and atrocities of such famous divisions as the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, Das Reich, Hitlerjugend and Totenkopf and provides an insight into how these ideologically motivated units consistently outfought their Allied opponents, even when seriously disadvantaged due to lack of fuel or air support. - Illustrated with rare action photographs, the book begins with the formation of the Waffen-SS and the ideological instruction each soldier received. - The striking success of 1940 is examined as the SS troopers swept all opposition before them, as is the darker side of the organisation, with the first atrocities committed against British prisoners. - Years later the Waffen-SS were back in France in numbers, in readiness for D-Day. - After the loss of Normandy, the Waffen-SS fought hard at Arnhem and in the Ardennes offensive, winning respect from the Allied troops that faced them.


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