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  1. Documents concerning the Jewish community in Bologna, Italy, 1445-1479

    The first box of the collection consists of eighteen documents concerning the Jewish community of Bologna, Italy, in the mid-fifteenth century. The majority of the documents concern legal proceedings against the Jews for various alleged crimes, including the disruption of a Christian religious procession and instances of petty violence. Other documents concern a dispute over ritual slaughter, Jewish tax payments, and a request for alms by a Jewish woman who had recently converted to Christianity along with her husband. The second box consists of 31 documents, also concerning the Inquisition. While the Inquisition is commonly thought of as a Spanish phenomenon, there were establishments of these Christian prosecutors in almost every Italian city. Such records are rare, although Bologna is one of the Italian cities to have some of its Inquisitorial archives remaining. The burian of St. Dominic in the basilica there (where the Inquisitor was based in the town) focused the attentions of the fiercely zealous Dominican Order on Bologna, ensuring that it had a strong anti-Jewish Inquisitorial presence from the mid-fourteenth century onwards. This second batch of documents consist of a wide variety of reports including reports of crimes, debts, and litigation. [From dealer description]

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  1. Bononiense Territorium

    Magini, Giovanni Antonio, 1555-1617, Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598, Pigafetta, Filippo, 1533-1604, and Vrients, Jan Baptista, 1552-1612

    auctore Ioanne Antonio Magino. Relief shown pictorially. Bar scale on Bononiense given in "Scala milliarium Italicorum"; 15 units [= 7 cm]. Bar sca...

  2. Territorio di Bologna

    Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673

    Relief shown pictorially. French text on verso with running title: Bolognois; p. 125-126; signature Fff. From: Le grand atlas, ou, Cosmographie Bla...

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