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  1. Bulgaria

    [Sofia] : Sofia Press, [1970-

  2. Bulgaria

    [Sofia : Sofia Press Agency 1987-

  3. Bulgaria

    Sofia : The Institute,

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  1. Slavic, East Central and Southeast Europe, and Eurasia Studies

    Stanford Libraries' Slavic collections include Russian literature; Russian, Soviet and Eastern European history (particularly of the 19th-21st centuries); Russian and Polish arts and cultures; education, economics, and political science.


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  1. Bulgaria

    United States. Central Intelligence Agency

    Relief shown by shading and spot heights. "500252 3-72." Includes comparative area map, location map, and subject maps of "Population and administr...

  2. Bulgaria Elevations


    This data include elevations of Bulgaria created by GfK MACON company, Germany.

  3. Bulgaria, 1988

    Central Intelligence Agency

    This is a map of Bulgaria. The map was created by the Central Intelligence Agency.

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