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  1. Real-world applications of evolutionary computing : EvoWorkshops 2000 : EvoIASP, EvoSCONDI, EvoTel, EvoSTIM, EvoRob, and EvoFlight, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, April 2000 : proceedings

    New York : Springer, 2000.

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of six workshops on evolutionary computation held concurrently as EvoWorkshops 2000 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, in April 2000. The 37 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected by the respective program committees. All in all, the book demonstrates the broad application potential of evolutionary computing in a variety of fields. In accordance with the individual workshops, the book is divided into sections on image and signal processing; systems, controls, and drives in industry; telecommunications; scheduling and timetabling; robotics; and aeronautics.

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  2. Applications of evolutionary computing : EvoWorkshops 2003: EvoBIO, EvoCOP, EvoIASP, EvoMUSART, EvoROB, and EvoSTIM, Essex, UK, April 14-16, 2003 : proceedings

    New York : Springer, 2003.

    This book constitutes the joint refereed proceedings of six workshops, EvoWorkshops 2003, held together with EuroGP 2003 in Essex, UK in April 2003.The 63 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 109 submissions. In accordance with the six workshops covered , the papers are organized in topical sections on bioinformatics, combinatorial optimization, image analysis and signal processing, evolutionary music and art, evolutionary robotics, and scheduling and timetabling.


  3. Evolutionary image analysis and signal processing

    Berlin ; Heidelberg : Springer, ©2009.

    Annotation This book on Evolutionary Image Analysis and Signal Processing, besides celebrating ten years of EvoIASP, the only event specifically dedicated to this topic since 1999, offers readers a panoramic view of what can be presently achieved using Evolutionary Computation techniques in computer vision, pattern recognition, and image and signal processing. Its chapters mostly consist of extended versions of a selection of papers which were presented at recent editions of EvoIASP. The book includes examples which span, rather uniformly, the whole range of roles Evolutionary Computation techniques may have in such applications, from representing optimization tools used to tune or refine parameters or components of a mostly predefined solution up to situations where the solution itself is intrinsically evolutionary.The publication of this book on evolutionaryImage Analysis and Signal P- cessing (IASP) has two main goals. The ?rst, occasional one is to celebrate the 10th edition of EvoIASP, the workshop which has been the only event speci?cally dedicated to this topic since 1999. The second, more important one is to give an overview of the opportunities o?ered by Evolutionary C- putation (EC) techniques to computer vision, pattern recognition, and image and signal processing. It is not possible to celebrate EvoIASP properly without ?rst ackno- edging EvoNET, the EU-funded network of excellence, which has made it possible for Europe to build a strong European research community on EC. Thanks to the success of the ?rst, pioneering event organized by EvoNET, held in 1998 in Paris, it was possible to realize that not only was EC a f- tile ground for basic research but also there were several application ?elds to which EC techniques could o?er a valuable contribution. That was how the ideaofcreatingasingleevent, EvoWorkshops, outofacollectionofworkshops dedicated to applications of EC, was born. Amongst the possible application ?elds for EC, IASP was selected almost accidentally, due to the occasional presence, within EvoNET, of less than a handful of researchers who were interested in it. I would lie if I stated that the event was a great success since its very start, but it was successful enough to survive healthily for a couple of years, before reaching its present size, relevance, and popularity.

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