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  1. WP095: Design Project Optimization

    Chachere, John
    December 2004

    This paper presents a quantitative algorithm that jointly optimizes diverse and interdependent decisions that shape a collaborative engineering venture of limited scope and duration. Planning decisions include product component and subsystem configuration; organizational participants and structure; processes of design, collaboration, and testing; and environmental elements including design norms, incentives, and facilities. We formulate project effectiveness and constraints in algebraic, domain-extensible terms, and integrate within the nonlinear optimization two established methods that originally addressed isolated problem aspects.

  2. WP119: Quantitative Method for Analyzing Engineering Defect Risks in Novel Projects

    Chachere, John
    April 2009

    This paper describes an initial application of Multi-Attribute Collective Decision Analysis for a Design Initiative (MACDADI) on the feasibility study of a mixed-use facility. First, observations of the difficulties the design team experienced communicating their goals, preferences, options, and analyses are presented. Next, the paper describes a formal intervention by the authors, integrating survey, interview, and analytic methods. The project team collected, synthesized, and hierarchically organized their goals; stakeholdersĂ­ established their relative preferences with respect to these goals; the design team formally rated the design options with respect to the goals; the project team then visualized and assessed the goals, options, preferences, and analyses to assist in a transparent and formal decision making process. A discussion of some of the strengths and weaknesses of the MACDADI process is presented and opportunities for future improvement are identified.


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