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  1. Chemistry

    [Easton, Pa., etc., American Chemical Society, etc.]

  2. Chemistry (Easton, Pennsylvania) [print]

    American Chemical Society, etc.]

  3. Chemistry

    Timberlake, Karen C.
    2d ed. - New York : Harper & Row, c1979.

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  1. Chemistry

    Stanford Libraries' Chemistry collections span such areas as general, organic, inorganic, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, natural products, analytical and theoretical chemistry.

  2. Chemical Engineering

    Stanford Libraries' collections in Chemical Engineering cover such topics as catalysis, chemical reaction engineering, environmental chemical engineering, green and sustainable science engineering, novel materials, and technology applications.

  3. Subjects A-Z

    A list of subject areas from A to Z


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  1. Block Map: Chemistry Building, Medicine Building, Museum. Unsigned.


    Oversize Digitized by Stanford University Libraries.

  2. Soils Storie Index: Santa Clara County, California, 2015

    Santa Clara County (Calif.). Planning Office

    This polygon shapefile depicts the Storie Index, a soil rating based on soil properties that govern a soil's potential for cultivated agriculture i...

  3. Major-constituent chemistry of selected Phanerozoic aquifers in Minnesota, M-61, Plate 1

    Kanivetsky, Roman

    Distribution of major element chemistry in Cretaceous age aquifer rocks, scale 1:1,000,000; Quaternary age glacial and stream sediments, scale 1:2...

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