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  1. Documentary vision : notes from behind the camera

    Chisolm, Richard
    New York, NY : Routledge, 2024.

    "This book is a collection of personal essays that address critical elements involved in the production of nonfiction films. Written by an experienced documentary filmmaker and cinematographer, the book draws upon practical wisdom to explore the nuances and challenges faced by filmmakers and viewers alike. Included in the text are rarely discussed ethical issues, best practices in the field, filmmaker etiquette, and a detailed analysis of interview techniques. The book also provides a candid view of how decisions are made in production that are consequential to a finished film's meaning and fidelity. Drawing on a wide range of subject matter, it will enhance the reader's understanding of the tremendous power and potential of the documentary medium. The book offers an invaluable insight into documentary filmmaking for professionals who work in the medium and students who are learning the trade and honing their skills"--

  2. Gun Show: Rethinking Weapons in the Name of Art

    Media Education Foundation, 2019 [San Francisco, California, USA] : Kanopy Streaming, 2020

    After assembling mock assault rifles out of everyday found objects, sculptor David Hess decides to turn them into an experimental public art installation to explore America's obsession with guns. The fruits of that mission comprise the story of Gun Show, a fascinating and deeply moving documentary that steers clear of advocating a position and instead invites meaningful dialogue about the cultural power of guns. Beginning in Hess's sculpture studio, and culminating on the mall of the nation's capital, filmmaker Richard Chisolm's three-year documentary "road movie" represents a continual quest for meaning: an invitation to freshly engage the very loaded topic of guns in America. Gun Show is a powerful educational resource for inspiring critical thinking and discussion on a range of topics, including cultural mythology and symbolism, civic discourse, public art, public policy, gun rights, gun safety, and violence in America

    Online Kanopy Streaming Video


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