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  1. The U.S.-Mexican War

    Christensen, Thomas, 1948-
    San Francisco : Bay Books, c1998.

    The conflict between the satated ideals of "Manifest Destiny" (the 19th-century American concept of territorial entitlement) and the tactics used to implement it -- which ultimately absorbed, shuffled, and displaced the cultures, communities, and individuals in its path -- is often viewed ambivalently by U.S. citizens. And its victims have virtually been forgotten in American history books.

  2. Bridge to understanding : the art and architecture of San Francisco's Asian Art Museum--Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture

    Christensen, Thomas, 1948-
    1st ed. - [San Francisco] : Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, c2003.

  3. 1616 : the world in motion

    Christensen, Thomas, 1948-
    Berkeley, CA : Counterpoint, c2012.

    The world of 1616 was a world of motion. Enormous galleons carrying silk and silver across the Pacific created the first true global economy, and the first international megacorporations were emerging as economic powers. In Europe, the deaths of Shakespeare and Cervantes marked the end of an era in literature, as the spirit of the Renaissance was giving way to new attitudes that would lead to the age of revolutions. Great changes were also taking place in East Asia, where the last native Chinese dynasty was entering its final years and Japan was beginning its long period of warrior rule. Artists there, as in many parts of the world, were rethinking their connections to ancient traditions and experimenting with new directions. Women everywhere were redefining their roles in family and society. Slave trading was relocating large numbers of people, while others were migrating in search of new opportunities. The first tourists, traveling not for trade or exploration but for personal fulfillment, were exploring this new globalized world. Thomas Christensen illuminates this extravagant age by focusing on a single riotous year. Woven with color images and artwork from the period, 1616 tells the surprising tales of the men and women who set the world on its tumultuous course toward modernity.


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