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  1. Ciottone's disaster medicine

    Ciottone, Gregory R.
    Third edition. - Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier, [2024]

    While medical specialists in disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response are needed worldwide, the initial phase of disaster response is almost entirely dependent upon local resources—making it essential that all healthcare personnel have a working knowledge of the field and stand ready to integrate into the response system. Ciottone's Disaster Medicine, 3rd Edition, is the most comprehensive reference available to help accomplish these goals in every community. It thoroughly covers isolated domestic events as well as global disasters and humanitarian crises. Dr. Gregory Ciottone and more than 200 worldwide authorities share their knowledge and expertise on the preparation, assessment, and management of both natural and man-made disasters, including lessons learned by the responders to contemporary disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian and western U.S. wildfires, European heatwaves, the Beirut explosion, recent hurricanes and typhoons, and the global refugee crisis.

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  2. Ciottone's disaster medicine

    Third edition. - Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2023.


  3. Disaster medicine

    1st ed. - Philadelphia : Elsevier Mosby, 2006.

    "This brand-new reference offers comprehensive yet succinct guidance on the preparation, assessment, and management of a full range of disasters, both natural and man-made (including the threat of terrorist attack and the use of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapon systems.) Dr. Ciottone - recognized worldwide as an authority in the field - presents a full range of coverage from the basics of disaster medicine to more advanced concepts, such as tactical EMS, hazard vulnerability analysis, impact of disaster on children, and more." "Part 1 of the book gives you an "A-Z" source for information on every aspect of disaster medicine and management. Part 2 features an exhaustive compilation of every conceivable disaster event, organized to facilitate fast reference in a real-time setting. Part 2 also serves as your quick consult on disaster medicine.""This new volume includes Individual Concepts and Events sections that provide information on the general approach to disaster medicine and practical information on specific disasters. You'll also find an exhaustive list of chapters on the conceivable chemical and biologic weapons known today, as well as strategies for the management of future events, or possible scenarios, for which there is no precedent."--Jacket

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