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  1. Music online. Classical scores library

    Alexandria, VA : Alexander Street Press, 2007-

    Contains classical scores from both in-copyright and public domain editions. The major composers output is represented, as well as many lesser known composers and works. Content in the database includes in-copyright material from Boosey and Hawkes and selected material from the University Music Editions microfilm series. The collection includes works spanning time periods from the Renaissance to the 21st century. Coverage of score types is comprehensive, with full scores, study scores, piano and vocal scores, and piano reductions.


  2. The violet [electronic resource]

    Delius, Frederick, 1862-1934
    [S.l.] : Boosey and Hawkes, 2006

    Online Classical Scores Library

  3. Jesu, meine freude [electronic resource]

    Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750
    [S.l.] : Bach Gesellschaft Edition, Leipzig, 1899

    Online Classical Scores Library

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