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  1. People's Rights. The Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law, Volume IX/2..

    Alston, Philip
    Cary : Oxford University Press, 2001.

    The right to self-determination has been a driving force in international law and politics through much of the post World War II period. In the 1970s it was joined by a number of other human rights attributed to peoples rather than to individuals, including rights to development, peace, a clean environment, and humanitarian assistance. These so-called "third generation solidarity rights" have attracted considerable attention, especially from developing country governments, activists and scholars. In this volume, a group of leading experts examines the current status of the various rights and reflects upon their likely significance in the twenty-first century.

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  2. Human rights in transition

    Oxford Oxford University Press [2024]

    "This edited volume brings together leading scholars in international law and international human rights to reflect upon the future of human rights, but with a firm grounding in an assessment of the present and the (recent and distant) past. It is neither uniformly critical nor uniformly celebratory of the possible futures for human rights law and politics. It thus eschews the polarized and one-sided approach that can too easily dominate either side of the debate. The result is a very rich set of essays that delve deeply into specific topics in human rights law and practice, and work outwards from a rigorous analysis of the past and present, to an argument about how to think about the future. No author is overtly concerned with saving or damning the human rights enterprise. Instead, each combines critical analysis with sober reflection to provide a fertile point of view on the present from which intimations of the future can be discerned"


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