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  1. Iterative learning control algorithms and experimental benchmarking

    Rogers, E. T. A. (Eric Thomas Alexander), 1956-
    Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2023

    The book discusses the main methods of iterative learning control (ILC) and its interactions, as well as comparator performance that is so crucial to the end user. The book provides integrated coverage of the major approaches to-date in terms of basic systems, theoretic properties, design algorithms, and experimentally measured performance, as well as the links with repetitive control and other related areas

    Online Wiley Online Library


    Melville, NY : AIP Publishing, 2023.

    Rapid strides and technological advancements in the field of Technology have changed the global scenario. The scope and aspiration of the conference was: To exhibit the technical dexterity of budding, technocrats, research scholars, representatives from academics and industries.To focus on the ingenuity of charismatic research scholars to be mustered under one roof with a national outlook.To attract contributions of Electrical Energy systems that can support existing and future applications and services.To provide a forum that brought together researchers, academics, and practitioners from industry to meet and exchange their ideas and recent research achievements in all aspects of Intelligent Computing Techniques in Electrical Energy Systems together with their applications in the contemporary world.

    Online AIP Books

  3. Mathematical modeling and intelligent control for combating pandemics

    Cham : Springer, 2023.

    The contributions in this carefully curated volume, present cutting-edge research in applied mathematical modeling for combating COVID-19 and other potential pandemics. Mathematical modeling and intelligent control have emerged as powerful computational models and have shown significant success in combating any pandemic. These models can be used to understand how COVID-19 or other pandemics can spread, analyze data on the incidence of infectious diseases, and predict possible future scenarios concerning pandemics. This book also discusses new models, practical solutions, and technological advances related to detecting and analyzing COVID-19 and other pandemics based on intelligent control systems that assist decision-makers, managers, professionals, and researchers. Much of the book focuses on preparing the scientific community for the next pandemic, particularly the application of mathematical modeling and intelligent control for combating the Monkeypox virus and Langya Henipavirus.

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