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  1. darve eric

    Stanford (Calif.), June 2, 2007

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    Stanford (Calif.)

  3. Numerical linear algebra with Julia

    Darve, Eric
    Philadelphia : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, [2021]

    "This book is an engaging and accessible adventure through numerical linear algebra-including homework assignments-aimed at graduate students and advanced undergraduate students with interest in numerical methods and scientific computing"--Numerical Linear Algebra with Julia provides in-depth coverage of fundamental topics in numerical linear algebra, including how to solve dense and sparse linear systems, compute QR factorizations, compute the eigendecomposition of a matrix, and solve linear systems using iterative methods such as conjugate gradient. The style is friendly and approachable and cartoon characters guide the way. Inside this book, readers will find detailed descriptions of algorithms, implementations in Julia that illustrate concepts and allow readers to explore methods on their own, and illustrations and graphics that emphasize core concepts and demonstrate algorithms. Numerical Linear Algebra with Julia is a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students. It is appropriate for the following courses: Advanced Numerical Analysis, Special Topics on Numerical Analysis, Topics on Data Science, Topics on Numerical Optimization, and Topics on Approximation Theory. The book may also serve as a reference for researchers in various fields such as computational engineering, statistics, data-science, and machine learning, who depend on numerical solvers in linear algebra.


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