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  1. Slavic, East Central and Southeast Europe, and Eurasia Studies

    Stanford Libraries' Slavic collections include Russian literature; Russian, Soviet and Eastern European history (particularly of the 19th-21st centuries); Russian and Polish arts and cultures; education, economics, and political science.

  2. Southeast Asian Studies

    Stanford Libraries collects primary and secondary source materials in Western languages for the study of Southeast Asia, covering such disciplines as history, political science, economics, anthropology, religious studies, and more.

  3. Chinese Studies

    Chinese Studies


Digital showcases for research and teaching.
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Geospatial content, including GIS datasets, digitized maps, and census data.
  1. East and West Garfield Park.

    University of Chicago Department of Sociology

    Blue line print.; Scale [ca. 1:8,000]; photocopy; Master and use copy. Digital master created according to Benchmark for Faithful Reproductions of ...

  2. A new map of East and West New Jersey 1700


    This is an early map of east and west New Jersey, the incorrect spelling in the title is taken off the map itself. The map details mainly wet areas...

  3. The province of New Jersey, divided into east and west, commonly called the Jerseys

    Ratzer, Bernard

    State 1. Engraved and published by: Wm. Faden, Charing Cross. Note below imprint states: This map has been drawn from the survey made in 1769 ... b...

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