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  1. Economics

    Hillman, Terry
    First edition. - New York : Alpha, [2014]

    Presents a guide to economics that covers such topics as leading economic indicators, fiscal and monetary policy, supply and demand, consumer behavior, the federal budget, business cycles, and the banking system.Economics plays a part in so many news topics-- both domestically and worldwide-- and the need to know the basics is becoming more and more important. Ideal for both the high school and college student, as well as armchair readers, Idiot's Guides: Economics offers an easy-to-understand exploration of this always-complex topic. Covering both microeconomics and macroeconomics, the book incorporates infographics and illustrations where appropriate to make concepts clear and easy to understand. Economics topics include: - Benefits of Trade - Supply and Demand - Elasticity - Government Intervention in Markets - Market Efficiency - Taxes and the Market - International Trade - Externalities - Public Goods and Common Resources - The Basics of the Tax System - The Costs of Production - Perfect Competition - Monopoly - Tracking the Economy - Unemployment and Inflation - Long-Run Economic Growth - Savings, Investment Spending, and the Financial System - Short-Run Economic Fluctuations - Income and Expenditure - Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply - Stabilization Policy - Fiscal Policy - Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve System - Monetary Policy - Inflation, Disinflation, and Deflation In addition, such issues as global climate change. the environment, natural disaster recovery, and the social safety net are covered from an economic policy perspective.

    Online Safari Books Online

  2. Economics

    Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1970]

    Appropriate for Courses in Business English and Business Communication with a grammar focus. Reorganized and streamlined for this edition, Business English for the 21st Century, Fourth Edition equips readers with the basic tools and techniques needed to be an effective writer. Using a simple yet comprehensive approach, it begins with the basic building blocks of English, moves through ordinary sentence structure to more sophisticated writing and self-editing skills, and encourages readers to learn more about the system of language. New to this edition are chapters clustered into thematic units, unit reviews, integrated author's comments, PowerPoint slides, and proofreading exercises designed to prepare students for the challenges of business communication.

  3. Economics : a new introduction

    Stretton, Hugh
    London ; Sterling, Va. : Pluto Press, 1999.

    Stretton's introductory level economics textbook provides a much-needed alternative to standard student texts. He argues that neoclassical economic theory is inadequate, and draws on elements of Keynesian, green and feminist thought.This book provides a fresh introduction to real economics. Highlighting the complex and changing nature of economic activity, this wide-ranging text employs a pragmatic mix of old and new methods to examine the role of values and theoretical beliefs in economic life and in economists' understanding of it. It attends to the problems which have come with high productivity, rapidly changing technology and skills, changing proportions of earning and non-earning years in most people's lives, and a faltering revolution in childhood and parenting which has brought stress and over-work for many women. It addresses such issues as rising poverty, inequality, insecurity and the slow progress of environmental reform. In focusing on such abuses of affluence the text draws on institutional, Keynesian, green and feminist theories, while emphasising all approaches to understanding economic life.

    Online EBSCO Academic Comprehensive Collection

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  1. Economics

    Stanford Libraries' Economics collections include print and online resources such as books, journals, databases, and datasets on topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, behavioral, environmental, public, and labor economics, and more.

  2. French and Francophone Studies

    Stanford Libraries' French collections encompass the language, literature, history, and politics of France and its former colonial empire, as well as French-speaking Belgium, Switzerland, Québec, the Caribbean, and North Africa.

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  1. SITE Conference Archive

    Hosted by the Stanford Department of Economics

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  1. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Economic Areas

    Bureau of Transportation Statistics

    The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)database is a Geographic polygon dataset representing county based economic regions for the United States.

  2. BEA Economic Areas, 1977

    Research Data Services (RDS), Columbia University Libraries and United States. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    This is a scanned version of the 1977 paper map entitled: BEA Economic Areas. Both sides of the map were scanned at 300 dots per inch and are in t...

  3. The Bahamas : economic report


    "Derived from an IBRD economic mission to the commonwealth of the Bahamas in May 1985, led by Mr. R.J. Robinson"--Galley.

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