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  1. Economists : lives and views

    Das, M. R.
    Revised edition. - London : New Central Book Agency, 2019.

    Online EBSCO Academic Comprehensive Collection

  2. Economists : photographs

    Cook, Mariana
    New Haven : Yale University Press, [2020]

    A unique and illuminating portrait of economists and their work Providing illuminating profiles of ninety of the world's most prominent economists-from Nobel Prize winners and former Federal Reserve chairs to young scholars charting the future of the field-this stunning volume pairs full-page portraits by acclaimed photographer Mariana Cook with short essays written by the sitters in response to questions posed by Nobel Laureate Robert M. Solow about their work. Together, the words and photographs offer a unique look into the world of economists and serve as an accessible entry point into the views shaping policy and research decisions by such luminaries as Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, Steven Levitt, Robert Shiller, Esther Duflo, Paul Krugman, and Susan Athey, among many others.

  3. The economists

    Silk, Leonard S., 1918-1995
    New York : Basic Books, c1976.

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  1. Pipeline infrastructure map of Europe & the CIS

    Petroleum Economist Cartographic (Firm)

    Relief and depth shown by gradient tints. Shows oil/gas pipelines, producing fields, processing plants, LNG facilities, tanker terminals, refinerie...

  2. Gas map of Europe & the CIS

    Petroleum Economist Cartographic (Firm)

    Relief and depth shown by gradient tints. Shows natural gas fields, existing/planned pipelines, associated processing plants, LNG export plants and...

  3. Energy map of Russia & CEE

    Petroleum Economist Cartographic (Firm)

    Shows oil and gas fields, pipelines and refineries; major gas processing plants, underground gas storage facilities, LPG storage, tanker terminals,...

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