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  1. Studies in the early English periodical

    Bond, Richmond Pugh, 1899-1979
    Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press [1957]

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  1. Literatures in English

    Stanford Libraries' collections of literature in English include contemporary fiction and poetry, literary criticism, academic journals on literary studies, and digital resources related to English literature from the around the world.

  2. French and Francophone Studies

    Stanford Libraries' French collections encompass the language, literature, history, and politics of France and its former colonial empire, as well as French-speaking Belgium, Switzerland, Qu├ębec, the Caribbean, and North Africa.

  3. Italian Studies

    Italian collections offer print, digital, and media resources in Italian, English, and other languages, with a central focus on Italy's language, literature, history, and politics, as well as Italophone and diasporic communities outside of Italy.


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  1. A map of the River Gambia from its mouth to Eropina

    Leach, John and T. Kitchin

    by Capt. John Leach in 1732 ; T. Kitchen sculpt. Two sheets combine to capture full length of the Gambia River. Shows topography, drainage, cities ...

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