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  1. Environment

    Raven, Peter H.
    4th ed. / Peter H. Raven, Linda R. Berg. - Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2004.

    There is more to "Environment, 4e" by Raven and Berg than what you see in this text. An enhanced book-specific Web site will help you further examine critical environmental issues. The Web site offers a variety of activities to help you succeed in your course and additional tools that will help you make environmentally responsible choices. Online resources include: Environmental Debates provide the opportunity to learn about two sides of a contentious issue affecting the environment; Activity Links identify the most useful Internet links related to the environment and present short exercises that invite you to use these links to increase your understanding of the material; Take a Stand activities encourage you to think critically and carefully weigh the short - and long-term advantages and disadvantages of a particular position relating to an environmental situation; Research Projects provide you with specific suggestions for topics, reading materials, research techniques, and activities; and Case Studies highlight key issues in environmental science and lead you to related Web sites for further information. It also features: How to Make a Difference shows how to get involved in environmental issues and lists environmental organizations that you can join; Student Lounge offers valuable study tips and writing tips that will help you get a better grade; Quizzes and Essays test your understanding of each chapter with multiple-choice, true/false questions, and short-answer essay questions. You can email your answers and responses directly to your instructor.

  2. Environment

    Raven, Peter H.
    5th ed. / Peter H. Raven, Linda R. Berg. - Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, c2006.

    Raven's "Environment, 5th Edition" is a most accessible, yet detailed, environmental science text. The text provides numerous examples and opportunities for readers to explore issues at a local level. Covering the enormous environmental challenges facing our world today, the new fifth edition of "The Environment" helps readers think critically about these issues and understand the concepts that underlie environmental problems. Rather than telling readers what to think, the book provides the information and tools they need to reach their own conclusions. It: offers solid scientific content balanced with effective and current examples of problems and solutions; introduces the reader to ecosystems, the physical environment, and Earth's biomes; examines the problems of overpopulation as well as environmental concerns such as air pollution and the pesticide dilemma; presents real life case studies that offer in depth analyses of actual situations; includes You Can Make a Difference boxes in each chapter to help readers take an active role in improving the environment; and, offers additional information on a website devoted to further examining critical environmental issues that will help readers make environmentally responsible choices.

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  1. Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Stanford Libraries' Civil and Environmental Engineering collections include print and online materials focused on topics such as the built environment, water studies, renewable energy, and structural engineering.

  2. Energy Science and Engineering

    Stanford Libraries' Energy Science and Engineering collections contain print and digital resources for the study of petrology, mining, renewable energy, engineering, and sustainability.


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  1. Cairo & environs


    Survey of Egypt. Relief shown by 30 metres contours interval and gradient tints. Distance shown on map margins are in kilometer.

  2. Ibadan & environs

    Nigeria. Federal Surveys

    "500/399/2-68." Issued with 5 other city maps in portfolio: Automobile Association of Nigeria, maps supplement to hand book, 1968-69. Lewis Library...

  3. Jos & environs

    Nigeria. Federal Surveys

    Relief shown by hachures. In lower right margin: "600/318/4-60.".

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