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  1. Environment

    [Washington, etc., Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation]

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  2. Environment

    London : H.M.S.O.,

  3. Environment

    Raven, Peter H.
    2nd ed. - Fort Worth : Saunders College Pub., c1998.

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  1. Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Stanford Libraries' Civil and Environmental Engineering collections include print and online materials focused on topics such as the built environment, water studies, renewable energy, and structural engineering.

  2. Energy Science and Engineering

    Stanford Libraries' Energy Science and Engineering collections contain print and digital resources for the study of petrology, mining, renewable energy, engineering, and sustainability.


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  1. Cairo & environs


    Survey of Egypt. Relief shown by 30 metres contours interval and gradient tints. Distance shown on map margins are in kilometer.

  2. Ibadan & environs

    Nigeria. Federal Surveys

    "500/399/2-68." Issued with 5 other city maps in portfolio: Automobile Association of Nigeria, maps supplement to hand book, 1968-69. Lewis Library...

  3. Jos & environs

    Nigeria. Federal Surveys

    Relief shown by hachures. In lower right margin: "600/318/4-60.".

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