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  1. Ethnology

    Sapir, Edward, 1884-1939
    Berlin ; New York : Mouton de Gruyter, 1994.

    The works of Edward Sapir (1884 - 1939) continue to provide inspiration to all interested in the study of human language. Since most of his published works are relatively inaccessible, and valuable unpublished material has been found, the preparation of a complete edition of all his published and unpublished works was long overdue. The wide range of Sapir's scholarship as well as the amount of work necessary to put the unpublished manuscripts into publishable form pose unique challenges for the editors. Many scholars from a variety of fields as well as American Indian language specialists are providing significant assistance in the making of this multi-volume series.

    Online EBSCO Academic Comprehensive Collection

  2. Ethnology : an introduction to the peoples and cultures of southern Africa

    Levitas, Ben.
    Cape Town ; New York : Oxford University Press, [1983]

  3. Ethnology

    Keane, A. H. (Augustus Henry), 1833-1912
    2d ed. - Cambridge : University Press, 1896, t.p. 1916.

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  1. Carte des nationalités de la République Tchécoslovaque =


    "According to the census of 1930." In French and English.

  2. Central Europe - Ethnographical

    Gross, Alexander and Geographia Ltd

    copyright Geographia Ltd ; Alexander Gross. Includes reference to colouring by populations of Slavs and Latins, etc. Shows international and undefi...

  3. Nationalitätenkarte der Sudetenländer

    Winkler, Erwin and Verlag Karl H. Frank

    von Erwin Winkler. Shows nationality by percent of population who are German, Polish, and Slovak. "Prag, im Herbst 1936." Includes text, notes, and...

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