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  1. Evaluation of a computer-assisted battle simulation, CAMMS versus a CPX

    Kaplan, Ira T.
    Alexandria, Va. (5001 Eisenhower Ave., Alexandria, Va. 22333) : U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, [1979]

  2. Formalization of tradeoff rules and other techniques for comprehending complex rule-based models

    Davis, Paul K., 1943-
    Santa Monica, CA : Rand, [1987]

    "This paper describes techniques used in a large and complex knowledge-based simulation with thousands of qualitative rules organized hierarchically, which requires recursive combining rules. By formalizing the concepts otherwise implicit in combining rules, the authors have been able to speed model development, communicate results, improve the quality of the rules, and make it easier to recognize when different types of combination rules are needed. The paper's discussion is merely illustrative, but, in the long run, there should be implications for rule algebras in formal modeling and new syntaxes in programming languages. The objective should be to state combining rules at a high level of abstraction. ".--Rand abstracts.

  3. Plan synchronization in the RSAC environment

    Shlapak, David A.
    Santa Monica, Calif. : Rand, [1986]

    "This paper addresses some of the issues involved in the synchronization of Analytic War Plans (AWPs) within the RAND Strategy Assessment Center's (RSAC) automated war-gaming system. It discusses issues involved in the planning process and how those issues affect the creation and maintenance of AWPs. It examines the script-like nature of many AWPs and the problems which may arise in coordinating multiple scripts, and discusses the techniques used in addressing these problems within the RSAC system. The authors conclude that they have devised simple and apparently robust mechanisms for controlling multiple scripts in a complex environment, and that their techniques are extensible to other applications requiring multiple scripts in a dynamic simulation."--Rand abstracts.


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