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  1. German poetry : an anthology from Klopstock to Enzensberger

    Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1987.

    This anthology of German poetry prints a representative section from the work of seventeen poets writing from the mid eighteenth century to the present. There are poems by Klopstock, Goethe, Schiller, Holderlin, Novalis, Brentano, Eichendorff, Heine, Droste-Hulshoff, Morike, Hofmannsthal, Rilke, Trakl, Benn, Brecht, Celan, and Enzensberger. The aim of the volume is to dispel whatever fears students may have about reading German poetry by suggesting that lyric poetry offers the most economical and enjoyable way of comprehending the range and variety of German literature over the past two hundred years. In his introduction Professor Swales discusses the nature of lyric poetry in general and then presents a brief historical survey of the themes and modes of German lyric poetry in this period. Notes are provided on individual poems, not with the aim of offering definitive interpretations, but in order to highlight points of theme and style and to facilitate class discussion.

  2. German poetry; a guide to free appreciation

    Gray, Ronald D.
    Cambridge, New York, Cambridge University Press [1976]

    Dr Gray aims to encourage in students beginning to read and write about German poetry the skills which will help them to read and write with more insight. After outlining this aim in its introduction, this 1976 book takes the form of a selection of German poems from Luther to Brecht, carefully grouped for purposes of comparison, and with graded questions. Most of the poems are from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but there are also translations from and into German for comparison with the originals, groups of poems on common themes, and different versions of the same poem. It is possible to trace in outline some of the main historical trends of German poetry, and to acquire basic technical knowledge within the book, but its main aim is to guide the reader towards a closer feeling for the words on the page.

  3. German expressionist poetry

    Allen, Roy F., 1937-
    Boston : Twayne Publishers, 1979.


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