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  1. Purposive explanation in psychology

    Boden, Margaret A.
    Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1972.

  2. The course of human life; a study of goals in the humanistic perspective

    Buhler, Charlotte Malachowski, 1893-1974
    New York, Springer Pub. Co. [1968]

  3. What works : a comprehensive framework to change the way we approach goal setting

    McMullin, Tara
    Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2023]

    "My second-grade teacher noticed. She guided me out of the classroom and into the hall. She gently asked why on earth I was crying over a game of bingo. As only a precocious 8-year-old could, I tried to explain that I hated bingo because it required no skill. It was pure luck. There was no strategy to employ, no natural talent to rely on to win. Either your numbers were called, or they weren't. I couldn't extract value out of a win. There was no meaning to victory-although loss still hurt. My teacher gently explained that it was "just a game" and encouraged me to enjoy it. But that's the thing. There has been nothing in my life that has been "just a game." Every win was a small indication that things would work out, that I'd be okay. Every loss was a devastating reminder that I could lose everything-and probably would."--Set and achieve your goals in a brand-new way for a more fulfilling life In What Works: A Comprehensive Framework to Change the Way We Approach Goal Setting, celebrated speaker, coach, and author Tara McMullin shows you how to transform the way you set and achieve your goals to create a gentler and more fulfilling way to work toward what you truly want. In the book, you'll explore what's driving your pursuit of "more" (more money, more things, more prestige, etc.), set commitments to help orient your growth, and organize your actions as part of a holistic learning process. The author's actionable strategies and tools go beyond mere platitudes about "slowing down" and "appreciating what you have" to a concrete demonstration of how to prioritize practice over achievement. You'll also find: An antidote to our culture's relentless pursuit of "more" Ways to end the habit of constantly striving for something else at the cost of your own wellbeing Strategies for ending your internal monologue of constant comparison to other people An essential book for the productivity obsessed, unfulfilled career ladder-climbers, and overachievers who are ready to try a new approach to life and work, What Works represents a powerful and exciting new way to tackle life's challenges.

    Online Safari Books Online


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