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  1. First do no self harm : understanding and promoting physician stress resilience

    Charles Figley; Peter Huggard; Charlotte Rees
    Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2013]

    ""First Do No Self Harm"" by three medical and mental health educators offers a clarion call for the improved medical and mental health of physicians across their education continuum by posing and answering five fundamental questions about sources of stress and methods of coping among physicians and medical students and best practices in medical education and physician support.

    Online EBSCO Academic Comprehensive Collection

  2. Women in Medicine : Career and Life Management

    Bowman, Marjorie A.
    Third edition. - New York, NY : Springer New York, 2002.

    In this newly revised, expanded and updated edition, the authors have provided a definitive resource about and for women physicians. From statistical data regarding practicing women physicians in the US and abroad, minorities and gay/lesbian physicians, to practical advice on coping with stress, STRESS AND WOMEN PHYSICIAN is an exceedingly useful and insightful volume for understanding and managing the issues faced by women physicians in both their professional and personal lives.

    Online SpringerLink


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