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  1. History of modern biotechnology

    Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000.

    History of Modern Biotechnology, devided into two volumes (69 and 70), is devoted to the developments in different countries. N.W.F. Kossen: The Morphology of Filamentous Fungi.- H. Bockeer, W.A. Knorre: Antibiotica Research in Jena from Penicillin and Nourseothricin to Interferon.- K. Schugerl: Development of Bioreaction Engineering.- R. Katzen, G.T. Tsao: A View of the History of Biochemical Engineering.- J. M. Woodley: Selected Advances in Enzyme Technology.- H.R. Bungay: Computer Applications in Bioprocessing.- W. Beyeler, E. DaPra, K. Schneider: Automation of Industrial Bioprocesses.-.History of Modern Biotechnology, devided into two volumes (69 and 70), is devoted to the developments in different countries. A.L. Demain, A. Fang: The Natural Functions of Secondary Metabolites.- T. Beppu: Development of Applied Microbiology to Modern Biotechnology in Japan.- H. Kumagai: Microbial Production of Amino Acids in Japan.- T.K. Ghose, V.S. Bisaria: Development of Biotechnology in India.- M. Roehr: History of Biotechnology in Austria.- J. Hollo, U.P. Kralovanszky: Biotechnology in Hungary.- A. Fiechter: Biotechnology in Switzerland and a Glance at Germany.

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  2. History of modern design

    Raizman, David Seth
    Third edition. - London : Laurence King Publishing, 2023.

    "This unparalleled and wide-ranging book surveys the history of applied arts and industrial design from the eighteenth century to the present day, exploring the dynamic relationship between design and manufacturing, and the technological, social and commercial contexts in which this relationship has developed. In this extensively revised and expanded third edition, David Raizman addresses international questions more fully with the addition of six Global Inspiration sections that examine the contributions of non-Western traditions, rendering the very notion of a 'national' design debatable. The text also pays closer attention to issues of gender, race, and climate change, and their impact on design. With over 580 illustrations, mostly in colour, History of Modern Design is an inclusive, well-balanced introduction to a field of increasing scholarly and interdisciplinary research, and provides students in design with historical perspectives of their chosen fields of study." --

  3. History of modern design

    Raizman, David Seth
    Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall Inc., c2004.

    For undergraduate Modern Design and Industrial Design History and Theory courses. Filling the gap for an extensively illustrated history of modern design, this introduction provides a balanced chronological survey of decorative arts, industrial design and graphic design from the eighteenth through the twentieth centuries. Focusing on the appreciation of design as a creative activity, as well as an enterprise conditioned by economic, technological and social history, Raizman includes the study of products and furnishing designed for mass consumption, and examines the social context for the democratization of culture. Click here for the author's webpage with more information and student reviews.

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