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  1. Hazardous Waste, Generated, Shipped, Received 2001-2007

    National Atlas of the United States

    This polygon shapefile portrays the hazardous waste generated, shipped, and received by state and other areas within the United States, Puerto Rico...

  2. MassGIS 2003 Massachusetts DEP BWP major facilities (August 2000)

    MassGIS (Office : Mass.), Massachusetts. Dept. of Environmental Protection, and Massachusetts. Bureau of Waste Prevention

    The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) major facilities datalayer is a statewide point dataset containing the location of a...

  3. Cleanup Sites, San Mateo County Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Project, 2015

    California. State Water Resources Board and County of San Mateo Information Services Department

    This point shapefile represents sites where recent or historical unauthorized releases of pollutants to the environment, including soil, groundwate...

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