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  1. The Ebro 1938 : death knell of the Spanish Republic

    Henry, Chris
    Westport, Conn. : Praeger, c2004.

  2. Depth charge! : mines, depth charges and underwater weapons, 1914-1945

    Henry, Chris
    Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England : Pen & Sword Military, 2005.

    The history of weapons and warfare is usually written about from the point of view of the battles fought and the tactics used. In naval warfare, in particular, the story of how these weapons were invented, designed and supplied is seldom told. Chris Henry, in this pioneering study, sets the record straight. He describes how, to counter the extraordinary threat posed by the U-boats in the world wars, the Royal Navy responded with weapons that kept open the vital supply routes of the Atlantic Ocean. He also celebrates the remarkable achievements of the engineers and inventors whose inspired work was essential to Britain's survival.

  3. The ethics of political resistance : Althusser, Badiou, Deleuze

    Henry, Chris
    Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2019]

    A new ontology that forms the groundwork for ethical practices of resistance What and how should individuals resist in political situations? While these questions recur regularly within Western political philosophy, answers to them have often relied on dogmatically held ideals, such as the distinction between truth and doxa or the privilege of thought over sense. In particular, the strain of idealist political philosophy, inaugurated by Plato and finding contemporary expression in the work of Alain Badiou, employs dualities that reduce the complexities of practices of resistance to concepts of commitment. Chris Henry brings together the work of Althusser, Badiou and Deleuze in order to offer a new idea of political practice He develops a structural ontology that gives rise to non-idealist, non-dogmatic, yet ethical practices of resistance against the return of classical ontological dualities.


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