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  1. Florida International University Pedestrian Bridge Collapse : Analysis of the NTSB Report Recommendations

    Herrmann, Andrew
    American Society of Civil Engineers. - [Place of publication not identified] : American Society of Civil Engineers, 2023.

    Prepared by the Task Committee on Florida International University Bridge Collapse of the Forensic Engineering Division of ASCE. Florida International University Pedestrian Bridge Collapse: Analysis of the NTSB Report provides commentary on the NTSB accident report recommendations and their implementation to improve the practice of structural and bridge engineering. An independent investigation of the bridge failure was not performed, and this report should be studied in conjunction with the NTSB Accident Report. The lessons learned from this failure are significant, and it is important to recognize the importance of defining complex roles and responsibilities in design-build projects of this kind. Structural and bridge engineers will find this report helpful in assessing current practices in bridge engineering and construction and avoiding failures in the future.

    Online ASCE Library

  2. Organizational autoethnographies : power and identity in our working lives

    New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.

    This text takes a new approach to autoethnography by using personal narratives to analyze our work across multiple disciplines and subdisciplines. These stories feature authors working at the intersections of autoethnography and critical theory within a given organizational context. Organizations are not simply entities, but systems of meaning. As such they are sites of cultural practices and performances, and of domination, resistance and struggle.ã Working at the intersection of organizational studies and autoethnography, this book explores the ability of autoethnographic and personal narrative approaches to generate important, innovative, and empowering understandings of difference, discourses, and identities, while attending to the various powerful dynamics that are at play in organizations. These are stories of work, at work, and help to finally bring theory and direct exemplars together.

  3. Communication perspectives on popular culture

    Lanham : Lexington Books, [2016]

    Communication Perspectives on Popular Culture contains all new writings from many important established scholars as well as brilliant young scholars in the communication field. Contributors explore new and emerging ways to approach popular culture - from case studies to emerging theories - as they examine how popular culture, media, and communication influence our everyday lives.


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