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  1. Asexuality, gender and the law in Uganda / Isaac Christopher Lubogo

    Lubogo, Isaac Christopher
    First edition. - Kampala, U Jescho Publishing House 2022 ©2022

  2. Gay Persons Alliance newsletter

    Los Angeles, CA : [Gay Persons Alliance], [date of publication not identified]

    Online Archives of Sexuality and Gender

  3. Confronting homophobia in Europe : social and legal perspectives

    Oxford ; Portland : Hart, 2012.

    Homophobia exists in many different forms across Europe. Member States offer uneven levels of legal protection for lesbian and gay rights; at the same time the social meanings and practices relating to homosexuality are culturally distinct and intersect in complex ways with gender, class and ethnicity in different national contexts. The essays in this volume illustrate the findings of a European project on homophobia and fundamental rights in which sociologists and legal experts have analysed the position in four Member States: Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and the UK. The first part of the book investigates the sociological dimensions of homophobia through qualitative methods involving both heterosexual and self-defined lesbian and gay respondents, including those in ethnic communities. The aim is to understand how homophobia and homosexuality are defined and experienced in the everyday life of participants. The second part is devoted to a legal analysis of how homophobia is reproduced 'in law' and how it is confronted 'with law'. The analysis examines statute and case law; 'soft law'; administrative practices; the discussion of bills within parliamentary committees; and decisions of public authorities. Among the areas discussed are 'hate crimes' and 'hate speech'; education at all levels; free movement, immigration and asylum; and cross-border reproductive services. Please note that this book is also available as a free PDF download. For further information please click on the link below:


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