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  1. A statistical study of gyro-averaging effects in a reduced model of drift-wave transport [electronic resource].

    Washington, D.C. : United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Science ; Oak Ridge, Tenn. : distributed by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, U.S. Dept. of Energy, 2016

    Here, a statistical study of finite Larmor radius (FLR) effects on transport driven by electrostatic driftwaves is presented. The study is based on a reduced discrete Hamiltonian dynamical system known as the gyro-averaged standard map (GSM). In this system, FLR effects are incorporated through the gyro-averaging of a simplified weak-turbulence model of electrostatic fluctuations. Formally, the GSM is a modified version of the standard map in which the perturbation amplitude, K0, becomes K0J0($\hat{p}$), where J0 is the zeroth-order Bessel function and $\hat{p}$ s the Larmor radius. Assuming a Maxwellian probability density function (pdf) for $\hat{p}$ , we compute analytically and numerically the pdf and the cumulative distribution function of the effective drift-wave perturba- tion amplitude K0J0($\hat{p}$). Using these results, we compute the probability of loss of confinement (i.e., global chaos), Pc provides an upper bound for the escape rate, and that Pt rovides a good estimate of the particle trapping rate. Lastly. the analytical results are compared with direct numerical Monte-Carlo simulations of particle transport.

    Online OSTI

  2. Anomalous transport [electronic resource] : foundations and applications

    Weinheim : Wiley-VCH, c2008.

    This multi-author reference work provides a unique introduction to the currently emerging, highly interdisciplinary field of those transport processes that cannot be described by using standard methods of statistical mechanics. It comprehensively summarizes topics ranging from mathematical foundations of anomalous dynamics to the most recent experiments in this field. In so doing, this monograph extracts and emphasizes common principles and methods from many different disciplines while providing up-to-date coverage of this new field of research, considering such diverse applications as plasma physics, glassy material, cell science, and socio-economic aspects. The book will be of interest to both theorists and experimentalists in nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics and stochastic processes. It also forms an ideal starting point for graduate students moving into this area. 18 chapters written by internationally recognized experts in this field provide in-depth introductions to fundamental aspects of anomalous transport.

    Online Wiley Online Library


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