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  1. Ling yi zhong shi ren : Jin Yuan shi dai de Hua bei she hui yu ke ju zhi du

    Iiyama, Tomoyasu, 1976-
    Di 1 ban 第1版. - Hangzhou : Zhejiang da xue chu ban she, 2021 杭州 : 浙江大学出版社, 2021.

  2. Genealogy and status : hereditary office holding and kinship in North China under Mongol rule

    Iiyama, Tomoyasu, 1976-
    Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Asia Center, 2023

    "By shedding light on a long-forgotten epigraphic genre that flourished in North China under the rule of the Mongol empire, this book explores the ways the conquered Chinese people understood and represented Mongol ruling principles in their own cultural tradition. The evolution of genealogical steles delineates the way Mongols thoroughly recast the local elite stratum in North China who fully accommodated to the principles of Mongol imperial rule and became one of its cornerstones in eastern Eurasia"--


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