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  1. Impossible victory : how Iraq defeated ISIS

    ʻAbbādī, Ḥaydar, 1952-
    London : Biteback Publishing, 2022

    By 2014, the world had grown weary of Iraq and its troubles. The Americans had all but gone and the media had turned its gaze towards Syria, but Iraq's problems were far from over. That same year, ISIS put Iraq back on the map as they crossed the border from Syria and rampaged through the country, kidnapping, raping and killing, all in the name of enforcing their murderous interpretation of Sharia law. Terror had arrived and was taking the region in its grip. Saddam Hussein, the occupation, sectarian war, corruption and political instability had collectively laid the groundwork for further violence, and Iraqis were about to see the worst of it. It was against this backdrop that Haider al-Abadi became Prime Minister. What would likely be the most formidable task of his life lay ahead of him: to help unify his homeland's fractured military and politics and, slowly, to turn the tide on ISIS, ultimately achieving what once seemed an impossible victory. This is the definitive and fascinating true story of how the people of Iraq took on and eventually defeated ISIS, told by the country's former Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi.

  2. Outlook Iraq : prospects for stability in the post-Saddam era

    Toronto, ON : Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, 2006.

  3. al-Sanawāt al-arbaʻ fī Qaṣr al-Salām : sīrah wa-murājaʻāt

    Maʻṣūm, Fuʼād
    al-Ṭabʻah al-ūlá الطبعة الأولى - Bayrūt : Dār al-Rāfidayn lil-Ṭibāʻah wa-al-Nashr wa-al-Tawzīʻ, 2021 بيروت : دار الرافدين للطباعة والنشر والتوزيع، 2021


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