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  1. Special type of finger replantation [digital] : techniques and cases

    Jian, Lin (Physician)
    Singapore : Springer, [2018]


  2. Special type of finger replantation : techniques and cases

    Jian, Lin (Physician)
    Singapore : Springer, 2018.

    This book discusses the management of serious finger damage, which can have lifelong consequences for patients without timely and effective replantation treatment to restore the function of the hand. Featuring more than 30 cases and over 420 clinical surgical photographs, it combines systematic with thematic approaches, basic theory with clinical practice, and images with text descriptions. The book is divided into nine main sections: overview of the development history of replantation of severed fingers; anatomy of the hand; common equipment and materials; commonly used drugs; the choice of anesthesia; routine replantation methods, etc. In addition, it includes typical images for 13 special types of amputated finger replantation, and introduces readers to the replantation concept, surgical approach, surgical technique, key points of operation and matters requiring attention for each type. As such, the book offers an invaluable reference guide for finger replantation and related surgeries.

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  3. Atlas of finger reconstruction : techniques and cases

    Jian, Lin (Physician)
    Singapore : Springer, 2023.

    This book covers latest advancement of finger reconstruction caused by severe injury leading to finger defects, presenting amount of valuable clinical experience and research achievement. This book provides practical guidance for hand and foot surgeons, micro- and reconstructive surgeons, trauma surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, general practitioners as well as trainees. The book mainly contains two parts: Part 1 focuses on development of the history of finger reconstruction, applied anatomy of the extremities, commonly used equipment and materials, frequently used medicines, preoperative treatment, selection of anesthesia, fundamental skill for finger reconstruction, postoperative treatment and management and methods of functional recovery after finger reconstruction. It is not uncommon in clinical scenarios that severe traumas caused by high energy damage in hands leading to life-long disability. The initial injury management is crucial. Surgeons face the arduous task of attempting to repair and reconstruct the injuries, reduce the patients disability and improve their quality of life. Part 2 demonstrates the concepts of different types of finger reconstruction with key points described by case presentations. Depending on the types and the severity of the lesions, accuracy of doctors judgment and proficiency of surgery skill have vital significance during the treatment of hand trauma together with patients compliance on functional rehabilitation.

    Online SpringerLink


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