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  1. Reframing intellectual property law in Sri Lanka : lessons from the Developing World and beyond

    Marsoof, Althaf
    Singapore : Springer, [2022]

    This book is a reflection on domestic intellectual property lawmaking from a developing countrys perspective. It focuses on Sri Lankaa South Asian jurisdiction with a socio-economic, cultural, and political landscape similar to other developing nations in the region, but the intellectual property regime of which has been less explored. The aim of this book is to address the discrepancies, gaps, and flaws in the national intellectual property legal framework of Sri Lanka. In doing so, the book considers Sri Lankas obligations under TRIPS and other related intellectual property treaties to which the country is a party. The book also examines approaches adopted by developing countries in the region and beyond, as well as other more developed nations, in calibrating Sri Lankas domestic intellectual property regime to better address the countrys domestic needs and national interests. The approach adopted in this book is of relevance, more generally, to policymakers, legislators, legal academics, scholars, jurists, legal practitioners and judges who are keen on exploring the extent to which domestic intellectual property legislation complies with international intellectual property norms and standards and, more importantly, the extent to which domestic law makes use of the flexibilities under international law in addressing domestic needs and national interests


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