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  1. From the frozen sea to buffalo country : the life and times of Henry Kelsey of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1667-1724

    Kelsey, Henry, approximately 1670-approximately 1724
    Toronto : The Champlain Society, 2022

    "Henry Kelsey is remembered for being the first European to travel from Hudson Bay to the territories of plains the Assiniboine and Cree as a young Hudson's Bay Company servant in 1690-91. He remained with the company for another thirty-one years, rising through the ranks to become its Governor of Hudson Bay five years before retiring under a cloud in 1722. Taking advantage of the opening of the Hudson's Bay Company's archives [HBCA] in the late 1960s and the voluminous new research in the fields of Indigenous and fur trade history, The Life and Times of Henry Kelsey, offers a new look at Kelsey's papers and includes his previously unpublished Swampy Cree-English dictionary. The image that emerges is of a skilled manager and, while governor, a strong, sometimes harsh, disciplinarian. This volume also provides us with some of our earliest glimpses in English of aspects of the lives and cultures of various Indigenous people from Hudson Bay-James Bay to the grasslands of the western interior of Canada."--


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